How to spend your late afternoon at Bodensee!

The lake is located in a very special area located in the center of 3 countries, Constance and Friedrichshafen of Germany, the Goldach of Switzerland, and the Bregenz – Lindau Bodensee of Austria.

Lake Constance – Bodensee

There are many activities and attractions to do and see during your visit. If you have only got one day or even a half-day, perhaps you are driving through the area, then you gotta check the lake out. A walkway along the great Lake of Bodensee during the sunset is simply amazing. The place is famous for evening walks, drinks and snacks are available, with plenty of restaurants spread along the lakeside.

It has a large secure parking area with a long walkway on the lakeside. A ride on the little red boat is a very common activity to do on the lake, while snorkeling is also on offer.

Red Boats on Lake Constance

Meeting friends and sitting on the bench is also very relaxing. Watching birds and swans are also very intriguing during the late afternoon with a nice cool breeze.

Swan catching fish in Bodensee Lake

It’s a great place to stop, to rest and chill out a bit. Non-EU visitors can visit too with a Schengen Visa. You don’t normally have to show your passport at any border checkpoints but you should bring your passport with you, just in case. For flight and hotel comparison visit

Walkway – Lake Constance

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